I do not know whether anybody has already drawn Elizabeth Dow's attention=

to the Australian functional thesaurus project? But just in case that
nobody has, or that Elizabeth herself does not already know about it, I
think that it comes closest to what she is looking for in terms of an
example.  The problem with functional thesauruses, particularly where the=
pertain to functions of governments, is that terminology for functions
developed for one government would not necessarily fit those of another
government. It depends how a government is organized, whether one is
dealing with a monarchy, a dictatorship, a monarchical democracy, a
republican type of government, etc.  Also, which level of government.  Fo=
example, national, state/province/territory, municipal, etc.  Other
differences may be in the terms themselves used for various functions. Th=
Australian one is called _ AA Thesaurus_ or the _AA Index_.  (Sorry, the
site seems to be down right now and I cannot get at it to give you a
precise reference.) It is available from the National Archives of
Australia. There is a report on the Australian functional thesaurus
available on the internet site at the URL:  (Also down right now.  It may be a=
this address or near it. You have to do the surfing.)
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> The functions hierarchy in the AAT was built on a list developed for th=
> NEH-funded Government Records Project which got many state archives int=
> the MARC business.   It is the most complete, archivally-developed list=

> that I know of.   Though, like all thesuari, certainly not
> comprehensive.
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> Subject:      Government functions thesaurus?
> EADers
>         Determined to develop no thesaurus of our own, my indexer and
> I
> have searched for a thesaurus of government functions. We found LCs
> thesaurus of Legislative Indexing Terms, and find it better than LCSH,
> but
> still wanting. I notice some people using the AAT for <function> terms
> (analogous to MARC 657). Can anyone suggest others out there?
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