>I was wondering if anyone has done, even in a preliminary
>form, a mapping of EAD elements to a Z39.50 attribute set
>(perhaps Bib-1, or Bib-1 with extensions, or an EAD specific
>set), and if so would they be willing to make it available?

I'm working on a project where we're enabling single-search access to
multiple heterogenous databases via Z39.50 (including an EAD resource). So
for that I had to do Z39.50 to EAD mapping. We limited the mapping to the
equivalent of the Dublin Core categories (as we had multiple semantically
different resources and found we could use DC as the "common" set of
elements to allow searching on). So the mapping goes something like
<unittitle>=DC-title=bib1:1031 and so on.

You can find this project's test page at (note the Z39.50 server is down
for reconfiguring):
and the crosswalk at

Hope that helps. There is also a link from this page to the Monticello
Project which has another EAD related mapping.

Richard Rinehart
Information Systems Manager & Education Technology Specialist
Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive
@ University of California
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