Dear EADtypes:

   Can anyone recommend an SGML parser that they've found is fairly user
friendly?  I've been making use of the validating function within
SoftQuad's Author/Editor, but would like to make use of a parser
independent of this software suite.  I've read about sgmls and SP, but
am unsure as to just how friendly these freeware programs have proven?

  I've been experimenting with simply dropping ASCII EAD markup into
SoftQuad's Author/Editor.  A/E will validate, but Panorama Pro does not
seem to want to display the document instance without enumerating a
series of "undefined" errors.  Also, has anybody had any luck with XML

  Finally, does anybody know how to search the archived messages of the
EAD listserv?  Thanks in advance!

Sincerely, Derrick Clements
EAD Implementation Project
York University Archives and Special Collections
Toronto, Ontario

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