For XML parsers you might consider the following:

James Clark's XT-  widely regarded.

Microsoft's parser which is now built into the Internet Explorer 5.0

DataChannel's version of the above.

IBM/Alphaworks parser.

The last three are all java based; all are free.   While each comes with
some instructions for use, none could be called transparent in its use.

We use an earlier version of the MS parser which works ok- it's error
reporting is limited to a short notation of the problem and the line
location of its occurance


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> From:         Derrick Clements[SMTP:[log in to unmask]]
> Sent:         Thursday, January 21, 1999 9:23 AM
> To:   Multiple recipients of list EAD
> Subject:      SGML parsers
> Dear EADtypes:
>    Can anyone recommend an SGML parser that they've found is fairly
> user
> friendly?  I've been making use of the validating function within
> SoftQuad's Author/Editor, but would like to make use of a parser
> independent of this software suite.  I've read about sgmls and SP, but
> am unsure as to just how friendly these freeware programs have proven?
>   I've been experimenting with simply dropping ASCII EAD markup into
> SoftQuad's Author/Editor.  A/E will validate, but Panorama Pro does
> not
> seem to want to display the document instance without enumerating a
> series of "undefined" errors.  Also, has anybody had any luck with XML
> parsers?
>   Finally, does anybody know how to search the archived messages of
> the
> EAD listserv?  Thanks in advance!
> Sincerely, Derrick Clements
> EAD Implementation Project
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