Not to wander too far off the thread, but I believe the TAFFS was
superseded a few years ago by the Modern Army Recordkeeping System
(MARKS). It is a very similar function-based system broken down into 123
functional categories with separate schedules by format under each
category.  Many of the categories are very Army-specific, but others are
broadly applicable to other government functions.

It is maintained by the hardworking and generally underappreciated Records
Management Division. They are located at, and the
MARKS schedules and associated materials are available for perusal and
searching online.  They do not appear to have a thesaurus online, however.

Paul Lagasse

On Mon, 4 Jan 1999, Julie Spears wrote:

> Another issue regarding a US government functional thesaurus may be that
> there is not a single file system the agencies use. The army uses the TAFF
> (The Army Funtional File) system, but other agencies use their own file
> systems.
> Julie Spears