Sorry I didn't get this to you earlier -- Ana

John Byrum wrote:
> Ana: Please develop this a bit more. I'd like to post it elsewhere and
> people may not remember what BIBCO, Model A, Cross reference Task Group,
> etc are.  If you can get the new version to me by 11:00 today I can get
> it into the ALA issue of LCCN.  John
The PCC announces its latest additions to its website and invites you to
visit the PCC homepage and those of of its component programs.  These
are dynamic sites which attempts to provide the latest information on
PCC documentation, core-record standards, organizational changes, and
other related announcements.

1.  1999 PCC calendar (including a listing of the PCC meetings to be
held at ALA and more)(

2.  Most frequently asked questions about joing BIBCO: the bibliographic
component of the PCC which seeks to increase the pool of bibliographic
records created to shared cataloging standards

3.  Data gathering survey models developed by the Standing Committee on
Standards. The first document serves as an introduction, the other two
documents are the survey instrument guidelines:
        Guidelines for evaluation of core records

        Model A:  Information to be reported when communicating the             efficacy
of core level cataloging in original cataloging                 operations.

        Model B:  Information to be reported when communicating the             impact of
core level cataloging on copy cataloging operations.

4. The names of the members of the Cross Reference Task Group which has
been charged with making recommendations on the current use, future
needs of, and allocation of cross references in name
authority records.
        Cross Reference Task Group: members and charge