Have been home sick, felled by bronchitis. I should be in school tomorrow
though.  Reminder--we are supposed to meet after school tomorrow--the PEF
grant group.

How is the project going? Do you want to schedule some of the oral history
part in the library (forming question, etc.)? I haven't had any luck in
getting an expert; we may just have to go it alone.

I just took a look at the revised lesson plan. I'm really glad it's up, but
some  changes are needed.

1--missing part--at the end of the introduction "Family stories are very
rich..."  you have the part that follows that.

2--resources--I think would be better at the end, because we have so many
of them.  last item in resources:  American Folklore Center Source Book
[seek exact title and URL]--do you have anything else about this? I'll look
for it, but we can't leave it like this.

3--In Lesson 2, the excerpts from American Life Histories should be inserted.

4--Did you check out using Voices from the Dust Bowl? Especially on the
library computers?

5--Lesson 8-- the student questions about looking for Grapes of Wrath info
should be part of the library lesson. Also the numbering in this section is
mixed up. Let's look at the original. The flow here is very strange.

6--Lesson 10--numbering is off.

7--holistic rubric?  needs to be inserted

8--articles from Daily News/Inquirer?

9--Optional Lesson--I think this section should not be part of the lesson
plan--but something that can be clicked on--because the subject matter is
far from immigration.

10--What did you change? Should I go ballistic?

11--In Extension--Lesson 12 is called lesson 13.

12 Do you have the article on race and beauty with the other material?
(from a book on immigration?