Hi Folks!

It's springtime in Michigan and the snow, it's a meltin.  Goodbye
winter; hello spring.  Currently "the world is mudluscious" (to quite
one of my favorite poets, ee cummings).

It's been awhile since Judy mentioned the need for us to update those
plans.  I have not heard many specifics from any of the teams and I
wonder how you're doing.  I fear you may be uneasy about this and
therefore, have gone silent.  Is this the case or is everyone just so
busy that you have not checked in?

At the risk of making you feel even more on the spot, I'd like to ask
each team to check in with us and at least tell us your schedule for
making your official first adjustment.  If you'd like to talk a bit
about how you feel about this or about what you are doing / have done
that would be great too.

Who'd like to be first?