Carol Kohnen gave me permission to repost this note she sent to our small
working group.  I was struck by their integration of the new information
literacy standards from AASL's Information Power.
  Now all Carol and Jane need to do is post this info to the dissemination
website Lois told us about
(  Check it out --
Charlotte and Helen have been BUSY.

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Hi all,

I guess Jane and I have been lurking more than contributing to the online
discussions lately, but that's because ... (drum roll, trumpet blare) ...
we did our 1st joint presentation on American Memory on Saturday morning,
to a group of about 40 school librarians.

We received very positive feedback from the group. Jane's recounting of her
classroom experiences were a special hit. Here's what we did: I began with
a brief (15-20 min.) powerpoint presentation, introducing the loc homepage,
am mem home page, and the learning page. I also did a "formal reading" from
the new edition of Information Power, pointing out how working with primary
resources such as Am Mem is a natural fit for several of the standards and
indicators. Then (next 15-20 min) Jane gave 2 examples of using am mem
resources in lessons. Jane is a great story-teller! She had those
librarians hooked, especially when she described the students' emotional
reactions to some of the material. I took the floor again (another 15 mins)
and demonstrated some searching. BTW, I really like the new Collection
Finder page. Then we together described the Fellows program and how to
apply. We finished by answering questions -- about the collections, about
searching, about Jane's lessons. Many people commented that they were going
to tell a certain teacher about American Memory on Monday morning. One
librarian is married to a social studies teacher, and she was going to sit
him in front of the computer that very day!
American Memory is a collection of wonderful resources and it was a
pleasure to share it with others. Jane and I are looking forward to our
next presentation.