I'll bet that by now, you've all figured this out, but just in case...

You can still get a list of all of the collections with descriptions of
them.  Here's how:

From the American Memory home page
<>, select the small link right
under the American Memory Logo that says "43 <link>collections</link> with
over 1 Million items...

Or from the the Collection Finder Page
<>, click on "List All
Collections" in the light purple bar.

The resulting URLs using these two approaches are different, but the
content is identical (this is so that if someone uses the old URL for the
titles list, they don't get a broken link error).

Below the search box and before the first collection in the list, look for
the sentence:  "Show Titles and Descriptions."  Click on the word
"descriptions."  For the list of titles with short descriptions.

Hope this helps.




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