Hi Fellows,

Just wanted to take this opportunity -- on behalf of all of us -- to say
congratulations and THANK YOU to Ursula, Judy, Cathy, and everyone else who put
so much work into our new Learning Page.  It looks fantastic, and the new design
appears to me to make using the collections so much easier for students, and
teachers.  What do you all think?  Please weigh in with your comments -- that
will be the most sincere flattery you can give these hard-working folks.

One other thought -- looking at new the Learning Page is a great way to quickly
acquaint yourself with some of the terrific new collections that have been
coming fast and thick of late.  Buckaroos in Paradise...Dance Instruction
Manuals...Hispano Music Collection...  Historic Buildings Survey... and more!

Congrats Judy, Ursula and Cathy!!!

Bill Tally and the gang
Subject: new Learning Page!!
From:    American Memory Fellows <[log in to unmask]> at Internet
Date:    1/29/99  9:55 AM

Hi Everyone,
The Learning Page has a new face!  Check out our new interface at

Last year's Fellows got a preview at the institute, but only a taste.

Ursula Marcum, designer extraodinare and AM collection expert, and Cathy
Young, resident HTML whiz, have been beavering away to make our materials
easier to navigate and find.

You'll see some of the same sections: Search Guides, Learn More About It!,

And some new ones:  Features, Lesson Ideas, Educators' Programs, Research
Tools, and New.

The content is still the same, just easier to reach from the home page.

Now - a favor.  Give us feedback - all kinds.  We'll be tweaking it for the
next three months and would really like your comments to help us make this
the best we can.  Contact me ([log in to unmask]) or Ursula ([log in to unmask]).


Judith K. Graves
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