In addition to the item Peter Milbury sent, the Scout Report had another
item you might share with your colleagues in the Math department:

From the Scout Report, Copyright Internet Scout Project 1994-1999.
 January 29, 1999
 Volume 5, Number 38

13. Math in Daily Life -- Annenberg/ CPB

What are your odds of hitting it big at the casino? Should you buy or lease
a car? How much will you have when you retire? All of these questions
involve math, and this latest addition to the Annenberg/ CPB Projects
Learner Online site (described in the September 12, 1997 Scout Report)
explores the use of basic mathematical concepts in daily decision-making.
The exhibit is divided into several topical sections exploring probability
and gambling, compound interest and credit cards, population growth,
geometry in the home, and ratios and recipes. In addition to an overview of
the topic, each section offers several links to selected related sites and
online tools, and two feature interactive learning activities. [MD]


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