Perhaps you are confusing two different pages.... Both  American Memory
and the Learning Page changed their home  pages within days of each other.
I haven't heard any posts to this list about the AM home page, only the
Learning Page.

No matter what page you are thinking of, I'd really be interested in
learning more about how and why you find the pages less helpful.  Both the
designer of the AM page and Ursula and I listen carefully to folks on this

And I'd like you to post comments to this main list.  We always hear the
good things - we don't always get honest critiques -- and yet, that's the
only way we can make our pages more user-friendly.

Thanks, Mel, for voicing your opinion.  Tell me more.  I invite others to
also tell us more.  Our goal is to make this a service to you, and we can't
do that without your feedback.

Judy, m.h.

At 07:38 AM 2/5/99 -0800, you wrote:
>Greetings All,
>I know everyone has been raving about the new format of the American
>Memory Homepage and subsequent links; however, after looking at it
>today for the first time, especially, the page of the description of
>the collections, I find it less helpful and less attractive than the
>original page I first encountered over a year ago.  I really felt that
>the description of the contents of the pages was very informative and
>necessary for a browsing individual to know what he is looking for.
>Now that information on one(actually several) page(s) has disappeared.
>One person's opinion.
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