At 08:40 AM 02/08/1999 -0500, you wrote:
>Hi Everyone,
>The AM page designer has this page for testing:
>"In addition to moving the link to the top, it also has an additional
>routine that automatically forwards to the home page if the browser has
>a version of JS that does not run the slide show.  IE 3.0 has this
>problem.  Users with pre-3.0 browsers will still be stuck without animation."
>-quote from the designer.
>Tell me if you think this might be better - or not.

Call me a curmudgen, clod or whatever....

I see the point of it billboarding all the collections and I like the
ability to see the captions of the frames but I'd appreciate a little more
information about what will happen if I hit the grid, itself.  I was
wondering: will I go to info about the frame, the collection or what?

Ron Stoloff

If the gods had intended man to fly they wouldn't have given us railroads.