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>Hi Everyone,
>This was on a listserv and I thought you might be interested.
>The hamsterdance web page is funny - it has music and hamsters dancing -
>except the music doesn't stop and the hamsters keep on dancing (about a
>hundred of them).  I used it in a web design class for high school
>jounalism students to show what non-stop animation and music can do. It was
>a great icebreaker and pointed to two things neophytes like to put on web
>pages - animation and music.
>I checked out the site briefly and it does talk about free web hosting for
>educational institutions.
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>>The makers of   The Hampster dance, are The
>>Media group   . They offer free web hosting
>>to schools. I reckon they like kids.
>>Julia Aranui-Faed
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That site is nuts!

I, therefore forwarded it to vertually everyone I know!

Ron Stoloff

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