Thanks to everyone for all the comments.  Keep them coming!
I'm sending them all to the web designer for the new pages.

The splash page comes up only from the LC home page.  To NOT see the splash
page, bookmark the AM homepage.  Clicking anywhere on the splash page takes
you to the homepage - you don't need to wait for the images to come in.  To
see the images in the splash page, go to the link at the bottom of the
splash page.  There are about 4 different sets of pictures that rotate.
Hitting reload will take you through the entire series.

Our list of collections will continue to grow, so these lists do need to be
automated.  However, we are still trying to develop the optimum gateway
page so people can start finding what they want as soon as possible.  Every
comment helps us get that much closer to that goal.

Judy, m.h.

At 09:53 PM 2/8/99 EST, you wrote:
>        I was not going to take up this issue but I worked with the kids
in American
>Memories today.  We were working with the baseball card collection and my
>computer tech person had made a link from our homepage to the list of all
>collections.  I find it a bit awkward that I have to make three jumps from
> to the page that lists all of the collections.  I guess that I
>will get used to it but the change has me a bit unsettled.
>Cathy Johnson
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