Is there any reason that you could not link from your EAD finding aid to
your "(the collection-level AMC record)" using <otherfindaid> Other
Finding Aid and within it <extref> Extended Reference?  Since, you
could consider "(the collection-level AMC record)" one of the most basic
of finding aids.

Now I need to let you know I am in much the same situation as Leslie,
we will be implementing an on-line catalog soon and so this potential
solution is one that I believe should work but have not yet needed to

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"Leslie A. Morris" wrote:

> Is there a standard place within EAD to put a link to a local on-line
> system number? We are looking ahead to the implementation of our new
> on-line catalog, when it should be possible for us not only to link from
> it (the collection-level AMC record) to the finding aid, but also vice
> versa, from finding aid to collection-level record.  We think this would
> be useful for those who enter the system through the finding aids
> database, but who might then want to look at the collection-level record
> (more than the <abstract> but less that all the finding aid).
> Is there a specific tag for this?  We looked, and couldn't find one, nor
> did we find a tag that seems obvious to use with, for example, an
> ENCODINGANALOG attribute of >035.
> Has anyone implemented a finding aid to catalog record "backward" link,
> and if so, where did you put it?
> Leslie Morris
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