At the EAD UK User Group meeting in London last Friday (which,
incidentally, was a well-attended and successful event), I
enquired about the availability of a hypertext archive for this
listserv. As far as I know, it is not archived, or at least no
archive is available via the Web. The consensus at the meeting seemed
to be that such a facility would be A Good Thing as there are
frequently postings which are of long-term value because they contain
useful "technical tips" or indeed more substantial discussions of
issues surrounding EAD and its development. Just in our own
department, at least two of us have accumulated our own stores of
messages from this list!

I admit that I have no idea what resource overheads would be incurred
in setting up and running such a facility, or indeed if it is
viable at all, but it would seem to be one which list members
might find useful. Would it be possible please?


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