Dear EADers:

   There is an archive of past EAD postings, as pointed out recently by
Bob Kosovsky.  I've been downloading some of the more recent EAD log
files and found them most interesting.

  For an index of the logs, sending the following message, no subject,
to [log in to unmask]

ind ead

  You will be sent a list of log files which indicate year and month for
each EAD log.  It's simply a matter of choosing the file you wish to
retrieve (I believe you can only download one at a time) and sending
another message using the 'GET' command, once again to [log in to unmask],
such as


I still haven't had any luck, however, in performing a subject search of
the list, and have been unsuccessful in downloading the documentation or
MEMO on the listserv and its various command features.   If anybody
knows how to do this, I'd be most grateful for word back to the list.

ps.  thanks for everyone's help over the last number of weeks with
regards to various enquiries....the advise has proven invaluable.

Derrick Clements
EAD Implemtation - York University Archives and Special Collections
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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>Pete Johnson in the U.K. sent a message to the list asking about
>the possibility of putting up a list archive.  Providing an archive
>seemed to me the most logical of added resources for this list,
>since it is designed for archivists.  (Frankly, it seemed ironic
>that an archivists list did *not* have an archive itself.)
>Last week I learned that the unit that supports electronic lists
>here at LC was offering to mount archives for any lists that
>wanted them.  Evidently they have some new software that makes
>this easier than it was before.  I couldn't understand why archives
>weren't mounted for all lists automatically, but put in the
>names of the two I support.  I am hoping to hear back soon that
>the archive is up and will notify all subscribers via a message
>to the list when it is.
>Randy Barry (EAD list monitor)
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