EAD Electronic List Subscribers:

In response to great demand for a useful archive of posting made to
the list, the Library of Congress has mounted a new official archive
of EAD messages going back as far as we could.  The EAD list was
first made available in November 1995.  We have postings going back
almost to the beginning (I think a few are certainly missing, but
there's plenty to look it if you feel so inclined.)

The EAD list archive gives you three ways to sort messages: by date
of posting, author, and subject (as taken from the SUBJECT line of
the message itself).  Since the subject and author sorts are dependent
on what came with the posting, these are not always very useful, but
it is better than nothing.  I hope by using the archive people
will be stimulated to give their postings more meaningful SUBJECT
information.  It would certainly facilitate retrieval later if not
interpretation in the first place.  (I love the postings with the
subject "OUT OF THE OFFICE"!)

Any comments on the new archive are welcome.  I plan to convey my
personal thanks to my hard-working LC colleague Tom Littlejohn who
took care of setting up the archive and pulling together the
old postings into the new Web site.  Since this is a list for
archivists, it seems only fitting that we have a decent archive!

Randy Barry

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