Please join me in welcoming a new moderator for FEDLIB, Ken Nero of
NLRB.  And join me in thanking our outgoing moderator, Doria Grimes of
NOAA, for her contributions.

Of course, change is never easy, even changing moderators.  I've had
a bit of technical trouble getting Ken installed.  The unfortunate
consequence - all the postings which have been sent to the list since
Tuesday, February 2 were not distributed.  So, if you have tried to
post to FEDLIB since that date, please re-send your message.  I
apologize for this inconvenience.

Just as a reminder, if you wish to post to the list, your message
should be sent to [log in to unmask]  If you wish to send a message to
the server (subscribe, unsubscribe, review, etc.), your message should
be sent to [log in to unmask]  If you have technical questions, you can
send them to the listowner (yours truly) at [log in to unmask]


Steven Kerchoff, FEDLINK Network Program Specialist
FLICC/FEDLINK, Library of Congress
Washington, DC  20540-4935
202-707-4848 (voice)   202-707-4873 (fax)
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