Publications Report No.99-01

Date: February 12, 1999

Subject: Cassette Books 1998

The large-print edition of Cassette Books 1998 is scheduled
for delivery around the first of March. Patrons and
librarians who ordered this catalog on their annual order
forms will receive it directly.  Librarians may request
additional copies from their multistate centers.  The stock
number is CA098.

Bulk shipments are prepaid.  Do not pay any transportation
charges.  If payment is requested, inform the delivering
carrier that the shipment was prepaid by the printing
contractor.  Call Margaret Cytron at (202)707-9278 or Vicki
Fitzpatrick at(202)707-0704 to resolve problems.

Cassette Books 1998 will be recorded for the collection as a
voice-indexed cassette book and will be announced in Talking
Book Topics.  A flexible-disc edition for patrons to keep is
scheduled for production later this year.

For further information contact:
Margaret Cytron
Assistant Head
Publications And Media Section