Network Bulletin No. 99-07

Date: February 12, 1999

Subject: Book Collection

Index term: Procedures for repair of braille books
produced in 1991 or 1992

During contract years 1991 and 1992, a single supply source
was used for the plastic binding straps in braille books
produced for NLS by Associated Services for the Blind (ASB),
Clovernook Center -Opportunities for the Blind (CPH), and
Braille International Incorporated (BII).

Due to the use of inadequate material, the plastic fingers
on some of these bindings have broken.  To determine if the
book is still eligible for repair of the broken plastic
fingers, all of the following conditions must apply:

1.  The plastic binding straps are broken,
2.  The production date at the bottom of the title page is
 either 1991 or 1992,
3.  If the book number is BR 9799 or lower, and
4.  The book number __is not__
9601, 9604, 9657, 9741, 9745, 9747, 9749, 9769, 9772, 9775,
9778, 9780, 9782, 9783, 9785, 9789, 9792, 9793, 9794, 9795,
  9797, or 9798.
__(These book numbers are not eligible for repair.)__

If all four of the above conditions are met, please return
the books to Braille International for repair of the broken
fingers only.  Mail them to:

Braille International Incorporated
3290 SE Slater Street
Stuart, FL  34997

Libraries must maintain records of book numbers and titles
returned to producers and include inside each package their
return address along with a list of the book numbers
returned.  If the books are not replaced within two months,
notify the NLS Quality Assurance Section.

For further information contact:
Don Smith, Head
Quality Assurance Section