Network Bulletin No. 99-08

Date: February 12, 1999

Subject: Excess and redistribution program (XESS)

Index term: Spring 1999 cycle announced

The excess (XESS) system described in this directive enables
network libraries to remove unneeded recordings and braille
volumes from their collections and to forward them to other
libraries that may need them.  This directive provides
information on how to add selected ("weeded") items to the
consolidated list prepared by  NLS and how to request items
for your collection from the other participating libraries.

Please observe the following deadlines and instructions for
the spring XESS cycle one, 1999:

1. Initial submission of XESS list

Deadlines observed

Libraries must observe the initial deadline for submitting
lists of offered books.  Book lists that arrive at NLS after
the deadlines of March 31 or August 31 for each cycle will
not be processed. Libraries using NLSNET must send their
files by March 29 or August 29 to ensure the files can be
received and checked.  Late lists will not be processed but
instead will be held at NLS for the next XESS cycle.  NLS
will then notify individual libraries that their lists are
being held.  To make sure their lists are included in the
current cycle, libraries must send their lists to NLS on

ID numbers and format codes required

Libraries must write their identification (ID) code and the
format code at the top of each sheet of offered books.
Lists on which the library's ID code or the format (medium)
code (BR, FD, RC, RD, or TB) are omitted cannot be
processed.  Such lists will be returned to the offering
library, which should add the information and resubmit to
NLS for the next cycle.

Condition of materials

Other libraries will be requesting the books you are
weeding. These books must be in good condition.  Books that
are not usable must be discarded.  See Network Library
Manual 6.11.

2. Review of consolidated lists

NLS will deliver all completed lists and NLSNET files
received by the deadline to the contractor.  The contractor
will input the data, prepare the consolidated lists, and
mail all lists by first-class mail within four weeks after
the start of the cycle. Libraries are given four full weeks
from the date of mailing by the contractor to review and
return marked sheets from the consolidated list of offered
books.  This schedule should allow sufficient time for
transit both ways with time to select books.  NLS cannot
process returned sheets from the consolidated list if they
arrive after the cutoff date or if the library fails to mark
its ID code on each returned sheet.  Sheets received late or
incomplete will be returned to the library with an

3. Revised XESS instructions

For your convenience NLS has separate instructions for
preparing XESS lists.  These include all information now
covered in Network Library Manual section 6.8.5 as well as
the information given above. A copy of these instructions is
attached to this network bulletin.  NLS will send updated
directions with each future XESS cycle.

4. Announcement of spring 1999 XESS cycle

Cycle one of the 1999 XESS book redistribution program will
begin April 1, 1999.  Southern and Western libraries must
submit their lists of offered books so as to reach the NLS
Inventory Management Section no later than March 31, 1999
(or March 29,1999, for NLSNET files).

Northern and Midlands libraries that need to offer
books out of cycle must first discuss this with the head of
the Inventory Management Section (IMS) or the XESS

All libraries may request titles from the consolidated list
of books offered.

Libraries participating in XESS that receive mailing cards
to send books to other libraries should send the books
before the next XESS cycle. Otherwise, the requesting
library may assume that they are not available and request
them again.

All libraries with NLSNET can use NLSNET to submit books
offered, as well as to request titles from the consolidated
list.  To be sure lists have been received, contact Dorothy
Moore, XESS coordinator, on (202) 707-0775.  Instructions
for NLSNET users are attached.

The cutoff numbers for books that can be offered in the
spring 1999 cycle are as follows:

BR 10512     FD 39885
RC 42036     RD 24200

For further information contact:
John E. Lewis, Head
Inventory Management Section

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