The Cornell Institute for Digital Collections has put up an EAD/XML encoded
finding aid, trying to take full advantage of XSL. Of course, as of yet it
can only be viewed correctly using MS IE5.


We're using frames at the moment, in order to provide navigation. The right
frame loads the XML finding aid with it's XSL style sheet. The left frame
loads a second XSL style sheet, which in turn pulls navigation data from
the XML finding aid. It's also possible to load the XML document alone
without the frames <>.

Although we're still experimenting, what I've seen so far of XSL has pretty
much convinced me that implementing EAD's tabular features in the <dsc> is
not worth the effort (colspec, dentry, etc.). There are certainly remaining
problems with delivering XML (printing, for example), but presentation and
content are becoming ever more divorced.

Our site will no doubt be under constant revision for awhile. We'd
appreciate hearing of any problems. We have not figured out how to style
<lb/>s effectively in XSL.
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 Cornell Institute for Digital Collections         607-255-3530