You are correct that <date> cannot appear in <custodhist>, but <custodhist>
requires a <p>, in which you can put <date>.   You cannot type text
directly in <custodhist>.  So the instructions that will be given in the
Version 1.0 Application Guidelines follow what is recommended in the Beta
version Guidelines:

<p><date TYPE="accumulation">text </date></p>


At 02:33 PM 3/5/99 -0500, Krawczyk, Bob (CZR) wrote:
>Can anybody tell me what the best method is for including the ISAD(G)
>data element "Dates of Accumulation" in an EAD document? In the mapping
>from ISAD(G) to EAD in the Beta EAD Application Guidelines, the
>following  instructions were given to accommodate dates of accumulation:
>"EAD <date> with "type = accumulation" attribute in <p> in
><custodhist>". However, in the Version 1.0 Tag Library the <custodhist>
>tag may not contain a <date> tag, similarly, the <date> tag may not
>appear in the <custodhist> tag. Therefore, until the new Application
>Guidelines are released, we seem to have no place to accommodate dates
>of accumulation in the EAD.
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