Fox, Michael wrote:

> However, I don't think that the solution proposed below will work in the
> situation we are dealing with- namely, we want to assign a unique,
> consecutive number (1,2,3, etc.) to each <c01> element

Unless less I'm misunderstanding your requirements, <xsl:number/> will
most ceratinly do this. "View source" the following
<> (The file is 00020.xml run
through XT using feith1218.xml. Your TOC is not displayed as I had to
remove all <csl:value-of/>s to get the stylesheet to parse with XT.

but not in the
> context of an HTML list.

the 'format' of the result tree is, I think, irrelevant.

All moot of course as <xsl:number/> won't work in IE (at lease I can't
get it to).

> The alternative for us, working within the XSL standard in its current
> draft, probably would be to use the counter feature.

Yep! That will probably do it too.


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