Dear colleagues

Two questions.

1. We have recently received three files converted into EAD by a
conversion company and are now looking at how best to adapt their
tagging to our own in house procedures. Currently we use the following tags
to describe the unit of production:


We use <unittitle> both for the title and a brief description of its
contents. The conversion has used <scopecontent> which we feel
is more appropriate at a higher level. Does anyone have any thoughts
about this? We have toyed with the idea of using <unittitle> and
<abstract> instead of <unittitle> alone.
Regarding the conversion we will need to change some tags and
were wondering if anyone has any experience of writing macros for
doing this and would be prepared to share those experiences with us.
This is mainly concerned with the fact that we use three levels
and the conversion has only included two. We would need to convert all
the <c02>s to <c03>s and many of the <c01>s should be <c02>s.

2. One of the files converted is that of the British Trades Union
Congress. This is a large and complicated catalogue and we don't want
it all on one file. We were thinking about using the <eadgrp> tag but
noticed that the Tag Library expressly states that <eadgrp> is not
intended for a single collection with many accessions in one
repository. Does anyone know why this is? Should we therefore create
several <ead> files and then link them together? We haven't used
<eadgrp> at all and would like any advice on it that people are willing to

Many thanks


Alan Crookham
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