I'm responding to Thomas Eisinger's question on the listserv because
others may also be interested as well.

I recommend that you read Michael Fox's article titled "Implementing
Encoded Archival Description: An overview of administrative and technical
considerations" ( _American Archivist_ summer '97, v. 60 no. 3). The first
half of the article is an excellent outline of the types of managerial
issues that should be considered before and after making a decision to
implement EAD. This paper also appears in the monograph recently published
by SAA which reproduces the 12 EAD articles from the summer and fall '97
issues of AA.

The forthcoming _EAD Application Guidelines_ (to be published by SAA this
summer) also will include a chapter on this topic, expanded from Michael's

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On Thu, 11 Mar 1999, Thomas E. Eisinger wrote:
> Hello,
>          I was noticing that most of the issues raised on this listserve are
> technical in nature, but was hoping I could receive some non-technical EAD
> information.  I am currently taking an archival administration course in my
> MLS program and, like many such courses, I need to do a research paper.  I am
> tackling the general topic of EAD, but am required to discuss EAD from an
> administrative/management point of view.  In light of that, if any of you
> could provide me with administrative/management issues associated with EAD
> (Costs, manpower requirements, benefits and drawbacks, etc..), it would be
> greatly appreciated.  Please respond to my personal e-mail address.  Any help
> will be greeted with a very heartfelt thank you.:-)
> Tom Eisinger