Perhaps there are some on the list interested in the following freeware:

From this site you can obtian 'Majix' (do not be put off by the name, or
the flashing, blinking website), a potentially useful piece of software
that might aid some in the creation of EAD finding aids.

Briefly put, it will convert your RTF documents (which one may produce
in M$ Word)to XML, and thereafter apply a stylesheet (CSS or XSL) of
your chosing to get something visible in an ordinary browser.

There are problems with this, not the least of which being that one
needs an extraordinarily complexly formatted RTF document to begin with:
one formatting style per EAD tag could be rather tricky to produce, and
awfully messy on the page. But is nice to know that with Majix, though,
this is an option. I have experimented with simple RTF files: memos,
letters and such, and the resultant XML is good and easily derived. I
balk slightly at the thought of trying a complex, structured document
like a finding aid. Majix does not validate, and is based on James
Clarke's XT.

Don't forget that Micro$oft has just released the (partially) XML
compliant Internet Explorer 5.0. And that's free too.

Stephen Yearl, Project Archivist
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