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Just tested the URL from home; the XML file is found, but will not
display owing to an oversight on my part.
There is a reference to the location of the XSl file in the XML, but as
I've been tesing the files locally up to this point, I've included a
relative rather than an absolute link. Thus your browser is unable to
properly cahce the XSL file. I'll fix that this afternoon.

In the meantime, try *typing* the URL in the address line. Unless I'm
missing something that ought to work.


Michael Fox Wrote:
>My only evidence that it is validating has been that when I tried
>(admittedly in the IE 5 beta) to display an xml file, it would give me an
>error message about a bad character at the end one of the dtd files.

My experience also with the beta, and why
is not directed to the DTD.
So the question is "does IE5 validate or not; and if it does why is it
not returning an error?"

I tried downloading brown.xml posted by Paul Kiel and opening that file
in ie5.0. The following error resulted:

"A string literal was expected, but no opening quote character was
found. Line 187, Position 67

           "ISO 8879-1986//ENTITIES Added Latin 1//EN"            >"

which does not look unfamiliar from the IE5b2 days. Looks like
validation is local only?

Stephen Yearl
Project Archivist
CT Historical Society