> I would appreciate advice from anyone who can tell me why the hyperlinks
> from the <organization> section to the individual  <c01>s don't work.  The
> other internal links are ok.  But I can't get the stylesheet to generate an
> attribute value containing the number of a child element relative to its
> parent, i.e that this is the first item in a list, the second item in a
> list, etc.


I think the following might work...

I changed your stylesheet feith1218.xsl a bit because I can see how
the IE5 childNumber method works better than I can fathom

First, in the template for "item", in the for-next loop, I changed
your line

<xsl:attribute name="href">#series
<xsl:eval>childNumber(this), "1"</xsl:eval>


<xsl:attribute name="href">#series

Second, I moved the code to generate <a name="series..."> into the
template for archdesc/dsc/c01 (instead of having it in the template
for dsc/c01/did). So immediately before the apply-templates element
in the template for archdesc/dsc/c01, I added:

<xsl:attribute name="name">series

I think those are the only two changes I made. You seem to have
cracked a very similar problem to the one with which I was struggling
with at Xmas! Thanks!!!!

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