[I said a couple of minutes ago - I really meant to send the initial
response to Michael offlist, but as I started in public, I might as
well finish....]

Second, I moved the code to generate <a name="series..."> into the
template for archdesc/dsc/c01 (instead of having it in the template
for dsc/c01/did). So immediately before the apply-templates element
in the template for archdesc/dsc/c01, I added:

<xsl:attribute name="name">series

Actually, it looks like the whitespace is significant in the above
template (I think that must be an IE5 glitch?), and you should _not_
have a newline character in the stylesheet between the second and
third or between the third and fourth lines above i.e. the middle
three lines above should be one line in the stylesheet.

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