Ana:  I'd like to go.  I'll pay you when I see you (if my short term
memory permits).  A

>>> Ana Cristan <[log in to unmask]> 04/08 1:50 PM >>>
To all who will be attending the BIBCO and CONSER Operations
Meeting April 22-23.

BIBCO and CONSER will be having a joint dinner on April 22nd
at the Hunan Chinese Restaurant.  We will need a head count of all
will be attending by April 15th.

   PLEASE RESPOND to this MESSAGE or DIRECTLY to: [log in to unmask]

We will be collecting monies throughout the day on the 22nd.

COST: $18.00 (hot tea, tax and tip included) Other drinks extra.


SOUP: Sweet $ sour soup

APPETIZERS: Spring rolls, fried shrimp & walnuts

ENTREEs: General Tso's Chicken
Imperial shrimp
Scallops with snow peas
Crispy fish
Lobsters with ginger sauce
Chinese vegetables and mushrooms

DESSERT:  House Special mixed fruit

Ana Cristan