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Dear BIBCO OpCo attendees:
    I'm forwarding this message from Jean so that you can see the
changes/additions made to the CONSER Agenda.  The NATO celebration does
mean that we will have a wee bit more trouble commuting on the Metro so
plan accordingly.  Jean and I are also looking at the agendas and will
shift some things around to accommodate Lynn EL-Hoshy's and Judy
Kuhagen's schedule.
We'll post those changes to the agenda on the Web as soon as these are
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To those attending,

I wanted to note a few changes to the agenda so that you can be thinking
about discussion items.  On Friday morning, I've expanded the discussion
on core to include CORC as well.  I'd like those who are planning to
participate to discuss their impressions so far, plans, etc.

On Friday from 11:30-12:30 I've added a section on CONSER procedural
review.  This is an open slot to discuss how we do our work and can do it
better.  If you have specific issues you'd like to share with others, ask
how they do it, etc., let me know.  This can be very informal, but a good
chance to share.

Also a note of warning.  Friday is the 50th anniversary of NATO and much
of the government will be shut down.  The Library will be open but on a
liberal leave policy.  Metro has been bad and will probably be even worse
that day!  So you should leave early to get here (if coming from Dupont
Circle for instance) and if any of you have afternoon flights, you might
want to leave a bit earlier.  Somehow we missed this little detail when
scheduling the meeting last year. Next April we have the 200th anniversary
of LC, so we'll want to avoid that!

I look forward to seeing you all. I am not planning to send anything out
ahead of time, but you may receive something from some of those leading
discussions.  I'll have handouts at the meeting.

Jean Hirons
CONSER Coordinator
Library of Congress
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fax 202-707-1778