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Gecko, which will ship as the layout engine in Netscape 5, does not
support XSL transformations. Netscape/Mozilla have no intention of
releasing a browser that may utilise XSL *until* it is a full
specification, rather than a working draft, of the W3C.

Until XSl is standardized you will need to apply CSS stylesheets to the
XML original to get something that renders prettily through Gecko.

IE5 allows XML+XSL -->browser *and* XML+CSS -->browser
Nsc5 will allow XML+CSS -->browser

Since XSL allows the source XML file to be modified before it is
displayed, it provides greater flexibility in subsequent display. (XSL
may *lossely* be considered a transformation langauge). You cannot
modify the source XML by using CSS-- you may only specify how each
element is to be displayed.

I guess that bascially we are all waiting for (1) the XSL standard, and
(2) standard-XSL compliant browsers (??)

Those wishing to experiment are better off using IE5, I think.



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