I've been meaning to thank Alvin Pollock for his quite useful advice
on "double-coding" external links in EAD instances.
After grappling with the disagreeable ways which MultiDoc Pro
and Panorama handle links (MDP likes the entity-decl. approach;
Panorama like hrefs), I decided that a good compromise
would be to have it both ways, as Alvin suggested.
This turned out to be very effective - both browsers responded positively.
However, MultiDoc Pro was a bit disappointing. As I discovered on closer
inspection - MDP does launch Netscape for HTML references - but
it retrieves the information and caches the Web page as a local
file in a temp directory - effectively making the page a dead-end -
i.e. not a "live" URL. the meantime, David Gewirtz, our systems wiz,
found out that this double-encoding method
caused LiveLink to fail during the index region build process.

So we're back to where we started.

In case anyone is wondering why we insist on using MultiDoc PRO -
the short answer is: it can print - long complex finding aids (300 pages +)
without any hesitation - tables and all.

But again - thanks Alvin for the clever work-around.
If only our software would agree to play along.

Timothy Young
Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library
Yale University
New Haven, CT  06520
(203) 432-8131