National Endowment for the Humanities
Division of Preservation and Access
March 1999

These projects propose to encode (EAD) and mount finding aids on the Web.

Applicant:      American Institute of Physics   Project Director: R. J.
Proposal:       Creating a Union Database of History of Science Finding Aids
To Support:  The creation of a core database of finding aids encoded for
representation on the World Wide Web.  The finding aids represent 76
collections in the history of the physical sciences from the late 19th
century to the present.  The collections are held by nine institutions: the
American Institute of Physics (AIP), the California Institute of Technology,
the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Harvard, Northwestern, and Rice
Universities; and the Universities of Alaska at Fairbanks, Illinois at
Urbana-Champaign, and Texas at Austin.

Applicant:      Huntington Library      Project Director: Laura Stalker
Proposal:       Art Education in America: Cataloging and Preserving the
Diana Korzenik
To Support:  The arrangement, description, and preservation of the
collection of textual, graphic, and three-dimensional artifacts in the
collection of Diana Korzenik, a scholar of art education.

Applicant:      New York Public Library Project Director: Mary B. Bowling
Proposal:       Arranging, Describing, Preserving, and Improving Access to
the National Civic
        Federation Records
To Support:  The arrangement, description, and preservation of the records
of the National Civic Federation, comprising 145 linear feet of
organizational files.

Applicant:      University of California,       Project Director: Gerald
Proposal:       Arrangement and Description of Bay Area Architectural
Archives: The First Bay
To Support:  The arrangement, description, rehousing, and conservation
treatment of the archives of Bay Area architects John Galen Howard, Julia
Morgan, Bernard Maybeck, and Henry and Mildred Meyers, 1890-1917.  Selected
materials will be microfilmed for preservation or digitized to enhance

Applicant:      University of New Mexico,       Project Director: Stephen
Proposal:       Online Archive of New Mexico
To Support:  The creation of an Internet-accessible database of archival
finding aids and catalog records that will provide access to the collections
documenting New Mexico's history and culture held by four major repositories
in New Mexico.

Applicant:      University of Pennsylvania      Project Director: Nancy M.
Proposal:       Arranging and Describing the Leopold Stokowski Collection,
To Support:  The arrangement and description of 285 linear feet of the
personal papers and music scores of Leopold Stokowski (1882-1977), as well
as fifteen feet of the research files of his biographer, and the creation of
preservation and service copies of unique audio material in the collection.

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