From your 1998-99 OCLC Users' Council Delegates:
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Following is some information on the May 1999 OCLC Users' Council Meeting.
Please email me or Arlene if you have any thoughts on these, or
other issues that you'd like us to share with OCLC.  -- Marcia

1998/99 ANNUAL THEME:           Digital Library Futures:
                                Libraries, OCLC and New Models of


1.  To discuss aspects of the digital library and its impact on libraries,
networks, and OCLC.
2.  To study how all types of libraries are balancing new and traditional
collections and services.
3.  To review OCLC's activities in contributing to the development and
deployment of the
digital library.

May Meeting Topic:      Digital Library Futures:  Emerging Models and Best
Practices for Libraries and Consortia

Key Questions:

1.      Where are libraries, library consortia, and OCLC today in developing
and deploying the digital library?
2.      How do library consortia decide on cooperative projects, purchases,
and political priorities?
3.      What expanded roles can OCLC, the networks, and libraries play
collaboratively to increase the availability of digital library resources?
4.      What are the best practices for libraries and consortia in the
emerging digital environment?


1.      Increase understanding of the decision processes and directions of
libraries and library consortia in developing the digital library.
2.      Provide feedback about the impact of these changes on OCLC and
3.      Discuss OCLC's plans for creating, searching and delivering
electronic full-text, archiving, and other digital library initiatives.
4.      Elect the 1999/2000 Users Council Executive Committee.
5.      Approve the Users Council budget for next year.
6.      Provide a summary of the OCLC Institute seminar on Knowledge Access