FEDLINK Information Alert 99-5

FEDLINK Fiscal Operations

TO: FEDLINK Vendors & FEDLINK Members

FROM: Joseph S. Banks, Business Manager, FLICC/FEDLINK

SUBJECT: Request for Final Invoices for FY96 FEDLINK Transfer Pay
Service Accounts

FEDLINK is in the process of reconciling and clearing its federal
agency members' FY96 serials, books, document delivery, and electronic
information retrieval services Transfer Pay service accounts. FEDLINK
is also preparing to refund unliquidated FY96 service dollars to
member agencies. Before processing these refunds, FEDLINK must be sure
that all valid FY96 charges have been paid. Therefore, FEDLINK is
providing vendors an opportunity to submit final invoices for unpaid
FY96 service usage by FEDLINK Transfer Pay customers. For outstanding
FY96 charges for Direct Pay customers, vendors must resolve these
charges directly with the individual federal member agency.

Vendors must attach a FEDLINK final invoice submission form to FY96
invoices they submit for payment or use the form as a
certification that their company has no outstanding unpaid invoices
for FEDLINK Transfer Pay customers. The deadline for final FY96
invoice submissions is July 16, 1999. At that time, FEDLINK will close
members' service accounts and proceed with final account
reconciliation. The Library of Congress will issue final refunds of
member FY96 service dollars upon completion of the reconciliation

When vendors submit FY96 final Transfer Pay invoices FEDLINK Fiscal
Operations will prepare vouchers. Accordingly, invoices may only
reflect items and charges which were valid under the vendor's FY96
Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA) with
the Library of Congress. It is necessary to submit one (1) original
and one (1) copy of each invoice to be processed. If a vendor's
invoices are normally summary invoices with per-member or per-password
backup detail, both the summary invoice and the backup detail is
required. If the submitted invoices are not originals, vendors must
certify that these invoices are duplicates of the original invoices
that have not been paid.

Final FY96 invoices will be processed for payment against member
Transfer Pay accounts based on the received date of the final invoice
submission. Invoices will be rejected if accounts have insufficient
funding or if the agency was not authorized to use these services
through the FEDLINK program. Should any invoice be rejected, the
vendor will have to recover the charges directly from the member

Vendors who have no outstanding FY96 invoices must complete the
FEDLINK final invoice submission form and fax it to FEDLINK Fiscal
Operations at (202) 707-4999 or mail it to the address listed below.
If a vendor does have final FY96
Transfer Pay invoices to submit for processing, final invoice
submission forms and certified invoices should be mailed to:

FEDLINK Fiscal Operations
Accounts Payable Section
Attn: FY96 Invoices
Library of Congress
Washington, DC 20540-4935

All questions regarding this final call for FY96 invoices should be
directed to Jim Oliver, FEDLINK Vendor Service Coordinator, at
(202)707-4960. Questions regarding the payment of invoices or requests
for copies of the final invoice submission form should be directed to
Mary Wilson, Accounts Payable Manager, (202)707-4970. For questions
regarding the terms and conditions of the FY96 LC/FEDLINK BOA's,
please contact, Joan McCoy Fitts, LC Contracting Officer for FEDLINK
Services, at (202)707-0407.