I would like to ask your advice concerning the description of folders of
photographs and drawings.

The folders are units to be described themselves as they contain important
        information contemporary to the photoes.

The importance of some individual photoes justifies for us to
        catalogue some but not all of them separately.

We have been wondering on the appropriate linking fields to be used in this

        one suggestion was to use 787-787 pairs (with an explanatory 580);
                the reason why we were not altogether happy with this
                solution is that it does not express the hierarchical
                relationship between the folder and the photoes.

        the pairs expressing hierarchical relationships (760-762 and 770-772)
                seem to be a bit out of context here

        then we turned to 774 field which clearly indicate different levels
                in the hierarchy; but it seems to be used only in records of
                the higher level documents to describe the constituent parts
                (such as volumes to a multivolume book). Is there a "pair"
                of this field to express the other direction of the
                relationship referring to the folder in the records of the

Please, share your experience in cataloging like material with us.

Thank you very much.

Best regards

Klara Koltay

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