At 09:55 AM 5/3/1999 -0400, you wrote:
>Dear Fellows,
>I think that everyone on this list cares a great deal about human rights.
>Anyone interested in educating the citizens of tomorrow would be.
>I also think that as educators we are interested in techniques that present
>primary source information to our students in an impartial, unbiased way so
>that they can learn to question the information, ascertain the facts, and
>learn to evaluate and synthesize the data and make decisions that will make
>this country and our world a better place to live.
>This list is a place where education professionals can share these
>techniques. Discussion about learning, primary sources, and professional
>leadership activities that serve to promote the use of primary sources (and
>American Memory).  This list should be a place where Fellows help Fellows,
>offering advice and suggestions for all of the above.
>Fellows, by definition, are strong members of their profession, and care
>deeply about human rights issues.  How could you not?  This list, however,
>is not the place for personal opinion on the merit or demerit of policies
>of political leaders or of other human rights issues in the world today.
>There are lists and web pages and groups where these topics are discussed,
>as well as the ability to respond off-list to the sender.
>This list has connected all of you in a very special, personal way.  You've
>met people who share your keen interests and possess talents and abilities
>that stimulate you and keep you engaged in your profession.  You've
>connected with people across the country who have similar ideas and goals
>for America's students.  You've also met people who have ideas and
>interests that differ from yours.  Both are valuable to you as professionals.
>I hope you'll continue, as Carolyn did, to share those techniques that help
>everyone to engage their students to critically evaluate the primary
>sources of today and yesteryear.  I hope you  continue to offer advice on
>what works and doesn't - with both students and teachers.  I also hope
>you'll also continue to engage each other in dialog, respectful of the
>spirit of the list.
>Judy, m.h.


Please excuse my intemperate response.

I know there are places to talk about various topics but.....
I felt the first article was up here and I freaked when the reply came

I'll try to be calmer - just don't expect to have me turn over and be quiet.

Ron Stoloff

If the gods had intended Man to fly, they wouldn't have given us railroads!

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