Dear Fellows,

I think that everyone on this list cares a great deal about human rights.
Anyone interested in educating the citizens of tomorrow would be.

I also think that as educators we are interested in techniques that present
primary source information to our students in an impartial, unbiased way so
that they can learn to question the information, ascertain the facts, and
learn to evaluate and synthesize the data and make decisions that will make
this country and our world a better place to live.

This list is a place where education professionals can share these
techniques. Discussion about learning, primary sources, and professional
leadership activities that serve to promote the use of primary sources (and
American Memory).  This list should be a place where Fellows help Fellows,
offering advice and suggestions for all of the above.

Fellows, by definition, are strong members of their profession, and care
deeply about human rights issues.  How could you not?  This list, however,
is not the place for personal opinion on the merit or demerit of policies
of political leaders or of other human rights issues in the world today.
There are lists and web pages and groups where these topics are discussed,
as well as the ability to respond off-list to the sender.

This list has connected all of you in a very special, personal way.  You've
met people who share your keen interests and possess talents and abilities
that stimulate you and keep you engaged in your profession.  You've
connected with people across the country who have similar ideas and goals
for America's students.  You've also met people who have ideas and
interests that differ from yours.  Both are valuable to you as professionals.

I hope you'll continue, as Carolyn did, to share those techniques that help
everyone to engage their students to critically evaluate the primary
sources of today and yesteryear.  I hope you  continue to offer advice on
what works and doesn't - with both students and teachers.  I also hope
you'll also continue to engage each other in dialog, respectful of the
spirit of the list.

Judy, m.h.

At 08:11 PM 5/2/99 -0400, you wrote:
>At 01:22 PM 5/2/1999 -0400, you wrote:
>>You'll have to excuse me, but somehow I don't think this list is the right
>place to
>>discuss the merits of what's going on in Kosovo, whether or not the United
>>pursues racist policies, or anything of the type.
>>> There has always been that feeling that the US - and Europe -  only
>freaks out
>>> when white folk are getting it.
>>That's a very strong statement.  Some of your other pronouncements -- about
>>publicity, about Somalia and West Africa -- are equally as forceful.  I
>>happen to agree with you.  But is this the place to discuss these things?
>I value
>>this list for the many things I've learned about using the LoC resources
>in the
>>classroom, but I don't look here for debates about events that are current
>here or
>>abroad.  There are *many* listservs and other places, both on and off
>line, where
>>one's opinions on these matters are welcome.  Correct me if I'm wrong.
>*I'm* not the one who wrote the first item, I was just responding to a
>question from Monica.
>I chose not to just let it lay there as I felt it required a response as it
>posed one of the major questions facing the US and the world today: what do
>we do when we see evil on the march - go 'tsh, tsh!' or stop the evil doer.
>Ever hear of the poem, 'The Hangman?' and the concept that all that is
>necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing?
>That's my point.  You didn't want to see it, don't read it.
>BTW, I'm not usually this hostile; it's just that slaugthering innocent
>people in great numbers and/or driving them from their homes tends to
>irritate me.
>So *excuse me*!
>Ron Stoloff
>If the gods had intended Man to fly, they wouldn't have given us railroads!
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