I am reading draft proposals to the Division of Preservation and Access for
finding aid encoding projects, and attempting to advise applicants.  I have
an accumulation of rumor, uninformed comment, and perhaps truth about OCLC's
handling of AMC records, and linkages to Web sites.  I couldn't find any
information on OCLC's Web site about this, so would appreciate your pointing
me to the right place or telling me all I would need to know, from OCLC's
requirements for MARC/AMC records to associated costs and beyond, to help
applicants explain their projects to evaluators.

I'll send you queries as specific questions turn up, if I may.


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Hi Barbara,

I'm not sure I can help but I'll try... what exactly are you looking for?

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> Can anyone direct me to information about OCLC and EAD?
> (Off-list, please,
> unless this is a subject of general interest.)
> Thanks,
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