I could use some direction.  I've been trying to follow the discussion on
the XML version of the EAD.  What I'm confused about is the type of style
sheet to cause the instance to display in a presentable fashion in IE 5.0
We have made the modifications to the sgml instance and the document
displays in IE 5.0, complete with tags which expand and collapse.

In looking at the EAD help pages I came across the following :
        XSL is integrated into the Microsoft XML processor which is part of
Internet Explorer 5.
       It transforms XML into HTML, which is then displayed using CSS; it
does not
       implement FOs.
This is from:

So here are my questions.  Do we need to create an xsl AND a css stylesheet
in order to get a formated display?  Can we just use css to create a
formated display (by formatted I'm thinking of the type of style sheet
we've creatd in Panorama).  If we need xsl then can some one recommend an
xsl program which well help up create the necessary style sheet?  From the
EAD help site I've found several packages for css creation which we could use.

Thanks for any comments or suggestions.

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