L. Dale Patterson wrote:
> So here are my questions.  Do we need to create an xsl AND a css stylesheet
> in order to get a formated display?

No. Not *and*.

>Can we just use css to create a
> formated display (by formatted I'm thinking of the type of style sheet
> we've creatd in Panorama).

Yes. You can use either CSS or XSL, or a combination fo the two. I would
reccomend that you use an XSL stylesheet. XSL processors-- of which
there is one in IE5-- take your well-formed XML and tansform that
original (using the XSL stylesheet) into another XML format. CSS will
not transform anything, it will merely render for display what you have
in the source XML. The original is not altered in any way.  That said,
you might like to keep a CSS stylessheet handy for when Mozilla 5 is
released as it will not support XSL until the specification is

>If we need xsl then can some one recommend an
> xsl program which well help up create the necessary style sheet?  From the
> EAD help site I've found several packages for css creation which we could use.

I'd reccommend a text editor for maximum flexibility; choose one that
you can program to save on typing the XSL rules. NoteTab Pro is very
good at this <>. Specific X/SGML software is
lsited, along with other useful info, on

Also pick up the XSL and newer XSL(T) specs from
<> and check out
<> for their particular
implemenation of XSL in IE5.
Probably your best resource is the XSL listserv

Good luck!


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