We have got questions about the relationship between EAD and general
metadata description systems, as Resource Description Framework - RDF.

RDF is a "declarative language and provides a standard way for using XML to
represent metadata in the form of properties and relationships of items on
the Web." (quote from I can see
that RDF can be used to express the metadata about a XML or HTML resource,
but when we are working with archival materials, as we do when using EAD,
all our data is metadata, but not the same kind of metadata as the metadata
about the finding aid. Some of our coop partners ask if RDF might be an
alternative to EAD, but we think that RDF is covering something different
than EAD. Our knowledge to EAD is good, but RDF is new to us, so if anyone
have comments on this it would be most welcome.

Thanks for any comments or suggestions.

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