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Interim report of the Task Group on Journals in Aggregator
Databases( the report
submitted by Karen Calhoun and John Riemer was discussed at the recent
CONSER Operations Committee Meeting in April.  It contains
recommendations on the content of a vendor-supplied record, a
description of progress with the demonstration project with EBSCO, and
information about related projects.

The Summary Report of the BIBCO Operations Committee Meeting
        Held April 22-23 1999, the BIBCO and CONSER Operations Committee opened
with the CONSER Coordinator, Jean Hirons, discussing her report to the
JSC and a MARBI discussion paper. A full report is provided in the
CONSER Operations Committee meeting summary report to be available on
the CONSER homepage.    The operations committees then went into separate
sessions.  Action items which resulted from this year's BIBCO OpCo
discussion include 1) assuring that communication between the two
operation committees continue to be coordinated; 2) identifying
programs/issues which foster cross-fertilization; and setting schedules
in order to allow OpCo members to attend meetings of interest to both;
and 3) the development of a BIBCO FAQ directed at library administrators
as well as a substantive BIBCO FAQ.
        The decision taken at last year's meeting to implement a national level
default series tracing practice resulted in a lengthy discussion.  The
scope of these issues mandated the creation of a small working group
responsible for reporting its findings to the PCC Steering Committee,
who, in turn, will forward recommendations to the Standing Committee for
Standards for consideration.
       Other issues included a discussion on program record quality and
planning for the Training the BIBCO Trainer workshop which is scheduled
for October 13-15, 1999. The Operation Committee members were provided
several briefings of general interest.  One was on the disposition of
SACO proposals and the tracking system developed to determine the time
it takes a proposal to work its way through the review process which has
resulted in new procedures for submission of proposals. A briefing on
the progress of the ILS implementation was presented by Ann Della Porta,
ILS assistant implementation coordinator and a joint OpCo briefing was
provided by Lynn El-Hoshy, CPSO subject specialist, on the form/genre,
geographic subdivisions, and field 781.

The NACO FAQ ( has been
updated to include information on costs and training options.

The PCC Participants Meeting summary report ALA Midwinter, January 1999
( has been refreshed to
improve the GIFs.

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