We have just been working in a slightly different way (bit of a habit
here ...)
Whereas you switch both versions on, our DTD remains unchanged.  For
those finding aids using the tabular version, the FPI at the top of the
file has two lines added to the declaration subset thus:

<!DOCTYPE EAD PUBLIC "-//Society of American Archivists//DTD ead.dtd
(Encoded Archival Description (EAD) Version 1.0)//EN" [
<!ENTITY % tabular        'INCLUDE'>
<!ENTITY % nontabular     'IGNORE'>

which just inverts the standard settings, switching off the non tabular
and enabling the <drow> method, without requiring any editing of the DTD
itself.  Thus we have either/or, where you have both (I think this is
the difference).  This method works with Dynatext.  The problem I had
encountered was that Adept did not pick up the two lines in the
declaration subset and thus did not do the switch.  When I raised this
with their support, they confirmed that the compiled DTD will not accept
switches in the declaration subset.

I preferred the method given above because it did not require editing of
the DTD itself, and possible confusion that could result from that.


Alvin Pollock wrote:
> I still don't understand the problem. We've used AdeptEditor
> for many years. Compile your DTD with the tabular markup
> switch to INCLUDE. You will be able to encode both tabular
> and nontabular finding aids using just the one DTD. Adept
> will validate both types of finding aids. Your sentence:
> "compile two versions of the DTD, one for <did> the other
> for <drow>" I think is misleading. It implies an either/or
> situation, that if you compile the tabular version, <did>
> is no longer available, but that's not true. It's true that
> you cannot compile *two* DTDs with the same FPI but I guess
> I'm unclear on why you cannot use just one DTD to encode both
> types of finding aids. I'm very interested in this because I
> personally don't want to have to deal with multiple DTDs and
> FPIs.
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