Dear Richard,

I don't know if this informaiton is of any use for you, but we use the
Library of Congress conversion tools to convert MARC records to MARC
SGML conforming to the MRCBFILE.DTD. We have also created other tools in
Perl that involve conversion from MARC or to MARC. I am very curious to
know if other libraries/vendors are also using the MRCBFILE.DTD.

The MRCBFILE.DTD is still beta as far as I know and is not up to date.
The MARC description file used with the conversion tools has at least
one error. I reported the error once at Mulberry, but never got any
response. We maintain a version of the DTD that is more up to date, but
still not complete.

The LC conversion tools do not validate the output. We have embedded
them in a Perl script that inserts the root element, adds the doctype,
parses the file and generates a log file including parse errors. We have
also created an option to sort the MARC SGML file and to remove
undefined (local) elements and replace wrong attribute values for
indicators with a fill character. All changes are written to a log file.

A problem we have using the MARC DTD is the MARC character set. We use a
different SGML declaration to declare the Unicode character set. Still
we are not able to display all characters properly, especially the
characters used in transliterated titles. As far as I know some
characters are not available in the Unicode character set and I didn't
manage to create characters with diacritical marks using non-spacing
characters to paste the diactritical mark above or below the character
(any suggestions?).

We use Jade + DSSSL to create three column catalogues (electronic and
folio output). The record formatting is close to ISBD with main entries
in bold. It looks similar to the lay-out of most National


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> Hello,
> I'm writing to ask if anyone on this group has experience or knowledge
> of
> tools and sites I can visit that can help with converting USMARC
> formatted
> records to and from other formats (EAD, MARC XML DTD, etc). I've seen
> the
> topic come up in reference on this list, and now have a working need
> for
> both our institution and for an EAD project to find some solutions.
> Any references would be much appreciated; thanks!
> Richard Rinehart
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